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We ask for $40 per SINGLE PERSON or $50 for FAMILIES & COUPLES for an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PRICE. You may contact us if you require special payment arrangement assistance.

For those RENEWING their membership, just LOGIN FIRST then purchase the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP.

Please READ FULL DESCRIPTION below for more info.

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We have listed our membership benefits below.


  • Develop your own dowsing / bi-location skills. Learn to cultivate and apply your intuition!
  • Support our mission of dowsing education.
  • Share your insights for personal and planetary health and cultivate self growth with us.
  • Six special interest groups to meet up with. Dowse with us!
  • Members receive our newsletter invitation to our quarterly dowsing gatherings & summer potlucks.
  • Community networking.
  • Invitations to monthly zoom dowsing webinars and online and in person workshops.
  • Vote for our board members.
  • Your membership or donation helps maintain our website & newsletter.
  • Any member can suggest a dowsing outing or event that will go out to all members through our newsletter.

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Single Person OR Family

Single Person, Family or Couple


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