Professional Services

Professional Dowsing & Applied Intuition Services

Members in good standing may  ask to be listed as a professional dowser/intuitive consultant/healer who lives in the southern region of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD).

Lee Barnes

PHD Environmental Science

Water Well dowser of the southeastern region with an impressive 96% accuracy rating over many years.  He was awarded the Best Dowser of the year in 2019 by our national organization, American society of Dowsers.  Lee also analyzes real estate properties for local energies and amelioration techniques.

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For consultations by phone or email contact Lee at 828.646.1593 or [email protected]

Marty Cain

MFA,  Labyrinth Builder and Teacher

Marty works nationwide as well as out of the country to create custom labyrinths, large or small installations for communities and individuals. She is also an expert water well dowser.


Marty is available at 828.545.0023, 828.669.9900  and [email protected]

Nancy K Baumgarten

MLA Landscape Architecture, M.A. Metaphysics

Intuition development educator and parenting consultant since 1998  Nancy organized and directed a family summer camp for over 10 years and has been a speaker at several Near-death experiences national conferences She uses dowsing to train critical thinking skills for young people (and for all ages).

For consultations, contact Nancy at 828.298.2592 or email at [email protected]