September 15, 2018, Saturday
Dr. Henry Reed, Atlantic University 

Everybody dreams several  times a night, but its fewer than one person in three who remembers any dreams on a given morning. Many folks have heard about wonderful things that sometimes come through dreams, but it’s not a common experience. There now exists, thanks to the inspiration of children at Edgar Cayce’s summer camp, a method for folks to be almost certain to remember a dream, and to discover that there was helpful value in the dream as was intended the night before. It doesn’t rely upon the guidance of a counselor or a professional dreamworker. Instead, it relies upon the power of altruism to inspire surpassing our assumed limitations, and the power of cooperation to achieve something that cannot be achieved by an individual.

The first hour I will be presenting a story about the “Dream Helper Circle” and its implications for collaborative intuition.

The second hour will be an experiential session, in small groups. I will provide a demonstration of the innovative approach to seeking intuitive guidance that was distilled from the Dream Helper Circle. We will have a chance to discuss the relationship between this intuitive process and dowsing in the history of divination.