Marty Cain currently a Member-at-Large on the App Dowsers Board originally learned dowsing from her Lithuanian grandfather, Frank Witkus, as a child in Vermont.  See her webiste at

Labyrinths are not merely art forms, decorative patterns or community events. They are transformative vehicles that integrate the energies of the Earth and the Cosmic Realm. Owning a Labyrinth is a commitment to Mother Earth, a sharing of love energy. Marty is convinced: In order to remain transformative, a labyrinth must be walked. In order for human beings to remain whole, we must learn to integrate our own growth path with the vital Life Force within Nature.

Marty at a labyrinthMarty Cain is often called “The Labyrinth Lady” for she has shared her love of labyrinths and skill in dowsing with thousands of people since 1990. Her keynote speeches for regional dowsing conventions and labyrinth gatherings as well as her workshops, lectures and many articles emphasize the use of sacred space to better our lives and connect us to the Earth and all forms of life seen and unseen. She is a founding member of The Labyrinth Society, an international organization of labyrinth builders and keepers, and served on its board for four years.

Dowsers Sig Lonegren and Dr. Wayne London introduced her to the notion of creating labyrinths for today’s use back in the late 1980’s. After exploring for herself she began to create them as part of her artwork and later to assist Dr. Wayne London in his early research into the effect of subtle earth vibrations on human health. Today she continues to give workshops, teach labyrinth designing and dowsing. Loving to travel, she has worked in Canada, Brazil, South Africa and across the USA. Her Labyrinth workshops are healing and invigorating experiences of opening to joy and connecting to all forms of life.