“Many thanks for Richard Crutchfield”

– from Lee Barnes, long-term member Appalachian Dowsers

I have been so thankful for my nearly 25 years with Richard Crutchfield as my friend, teacher and mentor for a wide range of dowsing topics and experiences. I first met Richard as a featured presenter at our Appalachian Chapter- American Society of Dowsers conference weekend at Warren Wilson College in the early 1990’s. I was double hooked! Richard and I became allies in our Quest to help folks expand in their own experience and confidence through the “simple” medium of dowsing.
I spent more time with Richard at dowsing events than many other times. I only bumped
into him a few times in Asheville over the years, we were both busy. We typically only shared brief exchanges during breaks at dowser’s meetings! But I have observed a lot of Richard’s long-term commitment at teaching, leading, writing, and encouraging others. Richard helped so many others to better understand and evolve the “woo-woo” in each of us. Richard always took over leadership and teaching opportunities when others faded. Richard came to all the Farm
Days, Socials, and public events we sponsored.
Richard shared his experiences and enlightenments widely, not through ego but through empathy and kindness. He was humbly thankful to others that shared their experiences. He would let you clearly know that he was not confident with a question beyond his skill and knowledge. He always thanked me for my service and sharings, as did I with him!
We greatly overlapped in our interests in water dowsing, earth energies and sacred sites including site dowsing, and one especially memorable, incredible lightning-cascade stormy night group campout in the Smokies! Richard ascended to a higher specialty level that he termed Spiritual Dowsing. I do not know the great extent of his interests over the years, I just highly respected him for all he did to help others clear energies, aid entity remediation, and other sacred work. His Spiritual Dowsing classes were always especially well attended the last
several years. New teachers need to step-in!
I often shared books and photo copies of mutual interest with Richard, so I knew his primary interests. I seldom was able to catch his Spiritual Dowsing presentations in recent years, but I most appreciated his never failing dedication to help folks, and becoming a shaman to travel to other dimensions.
Much is owed in appreciation of Richard’s commitments to the Dowsing World. I include him in my top list of “Beloved ChangeMakers” that I have known in my life. His physical presence and sharings will be greatly missed, but we believe he is now flying blissfully as a new Skydowser, and is in a great spiritual community with so many others generous dowsing teachers who passed on their knowledge nurtured by their mentors!
I’m sure Richard will continue to follow and bless our dowsing community and changing times. Happy Trails to all!

~ from Vic Reiser: Our Beloved friend and teacher left his body August 15th around 10pm without struggle, with Lilian and John by his side. Earlier in the afternoon he was surrounded by loving friends and was full of love and humble gratitude for his life and the many opportunities he had to serve and love others, the earth, and his family.

~ From Chiwa Clark:  was with him for a few hours yesterday – he was so grateful that so many folks thought his work here was good, that he had done a good job, that his work would be carried on. He loved his family, his dowser buddies, and was always working toward the highest good of all. Blessed Journey – I am sure he is greeted on the next level of development with great rejoicing… chiwa

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