The Appalachian Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers is pleased to offer a FREE Zoom Webinar from 1-3 pm EST, Saturday, February 20, 2021 featuring our two esteemed, long-experienced professional Water Dowsers, Marty Cain and Lee Barnes. 

Hear true stories of how land owners turned to dowsing to get the accurate location, depth and water flow of a well successfully, after paying drillers big $ only to dig dry holes. Loving to teach, the presenters will share some practices that everyone can learn to develop their own intuitive abilities. Half the presentation will be Q&A where you can get your questions answered.

Marty Cain in her Black Mountain, NC home

            Marty Cain began dowsing at age 5 when taught by her grandfather. Since then she has learned from several Master Dowsers and traveled the world building labyrinths, genesa crystals, visiting and attuning Sacred sites, changing energies most anywhere to be more beneficial, doing professional water dowsing, and teaching dowsing skills at local and national dowsers meetings and conventions. 

Image of Lee Barnes 2019 recipient of ASD Dowser of the Year award.
Lee Barnes with his Dowser of the Year Award

Lee Barnes has been a professional dowser of water-wells and of Sacred Sites for nearly 25 years. He learned water dowsing as a form of “Applied Intuition” and now sees water dowsing as a gateway for anyone to develop Applied Intuition to improve their lives and help others. He is passionate about helping folks develop their natural intuitive abilities and has been recognized as Dowsing Educator of the Year 2012 and Dowser of the year 2019 from the American Society of Dowsers, for his dedication to dowsing leadership, education, and outreach.

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