Zoom Presentation by

Roxanne Louise

Saturday, May 15, 2021, 1-3pm ET

There are many kinds of Creepy Energies and from multiple sources. For example, there are natural electrical/magnetic energies (geopathic stress, radon, various energies from space), as well as man-made ones (EMFs, satellites, microwaves). We may also have to deal with psychic attack, unwanted surveillance, curses and black magic, detrimental radionics, mind-control technology, and energy weapons. Plus there are entities, portals, past life and timeline bleed-throughs, astral energies and emotional imprints on places, etc.  The remedy needs to match the problem. 

In addition to identifying the problem, however, we need to strengthen our energy field and to address any personal mental, emotional, or spiritual resonance (‘hooks’) of our own that might make us vulnerable before doing the appropriate clearing/transmuting protocol.  This can mean dealing with past trauma, past lives, karmic issues, guilt, shame, power issues, etc. The good news is, there’s no need to know the details nor to re-experience the trauma or pain. All can be cleared/transmuted successfully with clear intention. Join our zoom presentation on Saturday,May 15, 2021 where you’ll be able to ask her questions and get answers! She always encourages us to think of our questions ahead of time.

Roxanne Louise is a prominent Hypnotherapist, Dowser, Stress Management Expert, Reiki Master, author, former President of the American Society of Dowsers, & presenter at multiple national conferences annually. She received 7 national awards in Hypnosis, 2 in Dowsing, has conducted dozens of national teleconferences, and now focuses on offering online group training in addition to working with private clients in person and online. She founded the Unlimited Potential Healing Center in Charlottesville, VA and can be reached via www.roxannelouise.com where you’ll also find extensive related information and resources.

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