Su shen Huang, BA in psychology, MA in guidance and counseling, Diploma in Acupuncture and numerous certificates in energy healing, long-time member of Appalachian Dowsers, will share an interactive and fun presentation at our upcoming September 21 Quarterly Meeting. We will explore and experience:

  • What is this energy system, vital force (Chi) from an oriental medical/philosophical perspective 
  • The energy channels which are analogous to Earth’s ley lines and power points
  • the body, mind, emotion, and spirit connections
  • body as a pendulum, your own dowsing tool
  • powerful techniques to eliminate aches, pain, and stress
  • simple techniques and exercise to maintain and increase greater health and well-being.

Come join us and play with your own dowsing tool, your magnificent body, and be rewarded for this fun experience. We meet from 1 PM – 3PM and offer free dowsing lessons at every meeting beforehand at 11:00 AM. Ferguson Auditorium, ABTech Campus, Fernihurst Dr.

Su Shen Huang, BA in psychology, MA in guidance and counseling, Diploma in Acupuncture and numerous certificates in energy healing, was born in Taiwan, has lived in India, Singapore, South Korea and traveled to numerous sacred sites around the world.  With this rich background of diverse life experience and training, she has integrated a holistic practice utilizing 15 plus techniques to empower the individual from within and have a greater health and vibrant life.  She can be reached at [email protected] or call her at 847-866-6751.  She currently lives outside of Weaverville, NC.