Lee Carroll Channelled Kryon on Dowsing

1rst Quarter, 2004

QUESTION: Dear Kryon, some years ago I bought a dowsing pendulum from a New Age shop. It’s made up of two pieces of mineral stones joined by a chain. I used it several times and thought it was inaccurate, so I put it aside.

Recently, I took it out of storage and used it again. Somehow, now seems like a more appropriate time. Are the answers that we get from the dowsing pendulum reliable? Where are the answers coming from?

ANSWER: The ability to dowse and to receive answers from a pendulum are completely dependent on the Human Being using them. These instruments are an extension of what we’ve called “Intelligent Human Cellular Structure,” as we told you in the last answer.

Let me ask you this: What is the principle behind kinesiology? Did you ever wonder how the body could “know” what you’re holding in your hand, and could then produce communication about the substance through the strength of your muscles? What about homeopathy? Did you ever wonder how a substance that was so small that it was undetectable by your modern chemical analysis could send a healing message to your body?

The answer is that your body has a process that goes way beyond chemistry or biology. Some have the gift to extend this bodily “awareness” to dowse. It’s simply that your body is connected at an interdimensional level to everything around it. It knows about the earth and more. Did you know you could douse for oil? Yes. That’s not all. These are gifts that are just being discovered, but now they’re being considered seriously instead of being “strange and unusual powers.”

So the answer is that the power to dowse comes from your internal connection to the earth. It’s only as reliable as the Human using it is, and it’s not for everyone. But we encourage you to try it. You might be surprised!