Zoom Presentation by Sandee Mac
Saturday, September 18, 2021, 1-3 PM ET

Sandee Mac In this presentation, Sandee will talk about current issues regarding current medical choices, or the medical choices we’re being forced to make, and how to determine for ourselves what is our own best approach to health. 
Her talk will include handouts on the right questions to ask and how to raise our confidence in our dowsing results. Relatedly, she will show us ways to raise our vibration and open our hearts – two things known to be important for maintaining vibrant health. This is a most timely talk!

Sandee Mac is trained and certified in over 70 different modalities and healing systems. Going beyond the usual mental health professional training, she has drawn information from ancient systems of indigenous cultures as well as stayed abreast of the leading research being developed. Sandee is known for her groundbreaking work in NLP, hypnosis, past life regression and resolution. 

Uniquely combining a multitude of modalities, she has helped 1000s of people since the 1970s to make powerful, dramatic changes, safely, quickly, and easily. This includes teaching how we can dowse to clear allergies, as well as identify and clear heavy metals from the body! Sandee served as the national president of the American Society of Dowsers for four years after presenting at almost every ASD conference since the early 90s.