Expert Intuition Education Group:

Expert Intuition is a trained skill that anyone can learn.  Dowsing is a very easy way to SEE the results of your practice sessions.   Worldwide there exist university programs held in physics departments and integrative medical settings. Doctors, geologists and other professions are finding that the diagnosis and discovery times can be vastly reduced by preliminary explorations using dowsing technologies. 
We are available for educational outreach to schools and groups in the Western North Carolina Area (WNC). Please contact us if interested.

Group members promote dowsing education through publications, workshops, demonstrations, speaker bureaus, and effective outreach to Youth and allied Institutions and Energy Practitioners.  This group can connect with the Education Committee of ASD to incorporate some of the research that it has been gathered on the best practices of teaching dowsing, as well as acquiring other information addressing the broader field of the uses of expert intuition.    Here are some online videos and articles to get you started:

John Janks

Example of College level coursework:

Subcategory: Supersenses Education

Nature spirit dowsing connection articles will be here as well.  Such as animal communication etc.

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Exteroreceptors Exterorreceptores – Detects stimuli of the outer regions of the body, or is, the environment, such as light, heat, sound and pressure.