Millions of Americans go to bed each night and wake up with unexplained aches in their shoulders, back and legs. They take pain-killers. Argue with their partner. They find they can sleep in peace downstairs on the sofa – which some people call the “Marriage Breaker.” Rarely does anyone think, or even imagine it could be some dark energy coming up from the Earth. One sufferer, a doubter of Dowsing, said “How come the Government does not know about this?” Well, that’s another story.
Over the past four years, I have cleared well over 600 homes, businesses and farms around the world. It’s no big deal. You have to get used to working and dowsing remotely. Geopathic Stress does not just hurt humans and animals, it is all powerful at eroding highways, chiseling away at concrete bridges and undermining buildings. This presentation shows how to recognize Geopathic Stress at work.
How come people in high places don’t know about it? They should, because many of them—at least their employees – are spending time with the phenomenon known as “Geopathic Stress.” It’s right up there. The high and the mighty are not immune. For three years we have dowsed high places. The results are stunning. Nobody, but nobody responded – except the Queen’s Secretary.
The truth is, it’s been called “spooky” for so long, that people are suffering and even dying – and they don’t know why. And the Governments don’t know how to handle it. Scientists overseas are light years ahead of the United States.
My advice to all, learn how to dowse, get the real “feel” of Geopathic Stress – it’s important, and follow the Decree Technique I wrote about in my book “The Silent Killer Below; Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress.” And knowledge will keep you and yours safe.

BIO: Robert Egby hails out of England. He first started dowsing in the late 1970s with Canadian Questers President Tom Passey. Before he took up the rod, he served as an award winning news photographer, accredited war correspondent, award winning broadcaster and journalist. He has worked in the Middle East, Germany, Canada and
the United States. He’s the author and self-publisher of 15 books, the latest being “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” which has won three major media awards in “Environment.” He wrote his autobiography “Kings, Killers and Kinks in the Cosmos” at age 80. He thinks the eighties have shown some of the most
interesting aspects of life. He developed and teaches Distance Dowsing and Healing – and cleans homes, offices and farms.       

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Earth Energies Effect on Human Health

by Bill Muerdter, Vice President of Appalachian Dowsers

      Dowsing is like having a wise companion by your side whose reservoir of knowledge is far more vast than our conscious mind.  Health is one area of dowsers focus.  Examples are the studies of German dowser Kathe Bachler in the 1970’s (Book – Earth Radiations) as well as the present work of Robert Egby (The Silent Killler Below).  Bachler worked with many physicians and prominent university professors documenting over 11,000 cases that had them baffled.  Certain patients were not getting better even with established medical procedures.  Bachler’s invaluable contribution was in her extensive documentation and spreading the awareness of how emanations from the earth above subterranean running water can negatively effect ones health.  

     Animals and living plants are more aware of these emanations than humans.   Some are drawn to them and some avoid them.  Dogs, horses, cows, pigs, chickens and birds are among the “Avoiders”.  They will naturally refrain from places over what has been given the name of ‘zones of geopathic stress’.   A practical example of this is if a dog chooses not to have anything to do with their dog house, by moving it to another location in the yard you will probably find that it moves right in and makes itself at home.  The same goes with an unused bird house. Changing its location, usually attracts the birds back to using it.  Apple, pear and nut trees are also “Avoiders” as are beech and linden trees in the forests.  If grown over underground running water (Zones of Geopathic Stress) they will be stunted in growth and not productive or healthy.  On the other hand there are “Seekers” in nature such as cats, bees, ants, insects, bacteria, mold and parasites.  They thrive on places above running subterranean water.  In the plant world, cherry, plum and peach trees are “Seekers” along with oak and fir trees.  (That is one reason why in an electrical storm one should avoid those trees because lightening most often strikes the earth where water lies beneath.)

     Humans, like dogs and horses, are among the “Avoiders”.  If they are positioned for a long periods of time over subterranean running water they will most likely become weak and sick.  Humans usually spend a lot of their time in a bed, at a work desk or in an easy chair.  That is why the location of these are critical.  In old medieval Bavaria they were aware of this and before building a home, placed a colony of ants over the location of where they were planning their bedroom.  If the ants (“Seekers”) moved away, they knew that it would be safe and healthy place but if the ants stayed, they knew that that location was above flowing underground water and they would look for another location for their bedroom. 

       Babies and small children have an innate sensitivity to subterranean radiation and will instinctively try to avoid these areas.  If placed in a crib over zones of geopathic stress they will try to roll away and have their body pressed to the edge of the crib or bed in an attempt to get away from it.  If they are unable to get away they will toss restlessly and cry.  If your child is manifesting these symptoms try moving the crib to another location in the room.  If you have a dog (an “Avoider”), move the crib over its favorite place to curl up and snooze.  Grown ups are the same, though mostly unaware.  If sleeping over subterranean running water they will be more susceptible to infection.  They will experience tiredness, insomnia and a run down feeling.   Eventually they will most likely become sick. It is also a place of infertility where becoming pregnant is more difficult. 

      In over 11,000 detailed case studies Kathe Bachler would first dowse the location for detrimental underground water and then chart the position of a person’s bed or work station.  She demonstrated that there is a definite correlation between the position of ones bed and work station to illness if they are above subterranean water.  Numerous large corporations hired her to explore the position of certain work stations and higher rates of  absenteeism from sickness in the workers who were assigned to those places.  If located above zones of geopathic stress, by moving the work stations absenteeism declined significantly.  Bachler found the same to be true of children in schools assigned to specific desks.  Restlessness, inattention, and disruptive behavior was more prevalent.  This resulted in the implementation of the practice of revolving desk assignments.

       Humans have an energy field around them that can be readily dowsed.  When over detrimental subterranean water that energy field contracts and becomes smaller.  This is similar to when we are angry, negative or depressed. During those times our energy field also shrinks closer in towards our bodies.  However, when we are happy and experiencing or imagining something that brings us joy, our energy field expands dramatically.  The L-rods used in dowsing can map these variations in life orientation.   Dowsing is an effective way to become more sensitive and aware of the unseen currants around us and our natural place in the world.    

                                                                                      by Bill Muerdter