Guest Speaker: Robert Egby, Geopathic Dowser and Healer 

The world is rife with Geopathic Stress, millions of people are suffering from it and don’t know why.

Geostress is the Earth’s beneficial magnetic field gone wrong. It happens when the field passes through water veins – the energy goes negative – and harmful to all forms of life.

Robert Egby believes Dowsing has good and original answers, and can mobilize teams to help heal Geostress on a large scale.

Tucson Dowsers Zoom Meeting  Saturday August 6, 2022

4:30 PM EASTERN Daylight Time 

Zoom Meeting Link:

He thinks of himself as an Investigative Dowser – which means he is always exploring. He will share some original and practical ideas with us including his “Decree Technique,” and, for the first time anywhere, he will unveil his “C-Note Technique.”

Robert has found that one of the main problems of using Geostress neutralization techniques is achieving permanency, particularly in the “Clay” States. He is are currently working on this situation and will explain it. Stay tuned! Keep your L-rods primed!

Bio:   Robert Egby became a dowser in 1976.

In 2017 he discovered he could “transmute and convert” Geostress into a beneficial, positive energy – remotely– using maps and Google Earth!

His dowsing and clearing methods are presented in his award-winning best seller, The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress.

Born in England, at 16 Robert quit school and got a job as a messenger in David Hand’s movie animation studios (Bambi) and learned Art, Photography, Writing, Voice Imitation and Show Business.

In the years that followed he was a journalist, award-winning news photographer, accredited British War Correspondent, broadcaster, newspaper editor, hypnoanalyst, clairvoyant, spiritualist minister, author and independent publisher of 15 books.

One other thing Robert has learned. “It is critical to having a good and healthy life – love and appreciate your Body, your Mind and Your Spirit. And say it, three times a day in a strong voice. It’s like having a Cosmic Insurance Package!

And never go to sleep without telling someone you love them!”

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