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Fabulous timeless articles: learn lots about the in’s and out’s of dowsing:

2014 Sept Wellspring.pdf Crop Circles – Brian Crissey & Pam Crissey

2014 Oct Wellspring.pdf Mapping the Path to a Conscious World – Penny Kelly

2015 May Wellspring.pdf Alchemy & Radionics Lecture 2015 – Vincent Wrenn

2014 Aug Wellspring.pdf Crop Circles Respond to human Intention – Dr. brian Crissey, Satya Alcorm, Pamela Meyer Crissey

2013 Sept Wellspring.pdf How Dowsing Works, Sacred Sites, and Labyrinths – Marty Cain

2013 May Wellspring.pdf The Dowser’s Garden: Deepening the Connection – Andrew Goodheart Brown

2013 Feb Wellspring.pdf Dowsing the Alien Presence – Brian L. Crissey

2012 Sept Wellspring.pdf Dowsing to Communicate and Understand – Doug Bennett; Clearing Land and Houses of Non-beneficial Energy – Sam Richardson

2012 Nov Wellspring.pdf Who’s Driving Your Bus: Clearing Subconscious Programs that Run the Body – Damaris Drewery

2012 May Wellspring.pdf Dowsing to Communicate and Understand – Kate Pittman

2009 Sept Wellspring.pdf World Grid Update: Geo-Biology, Dowsing and Planetary Harmony – Vincent Bridges

2009 Nov Wellspring.pdf Dowsing: a Geomancer’s Tool – Marty Cain; Unlocking the Secrets of teh Energetic World – Joey Korn

2009 June Wellspring.pdf Earth Energies, Power Spots and Human Consciousness – Richard Feather Anderson

2009 Feb Wellspring.pdf Shamanism and Your Connection to Earth – Peter Calhoun

2009 Apr Wellspring.pdf Communicating with Devas and Elementals and Dowsing the Differences Between Them – Danielle Creeksong

2008 Sept Wellspring.pdf Shamanism: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves – Beatriz Orive

2008 Nov Wellspring.pdf 1: Introduction to Dowsing. Speaker: Lee Barnes; 2: Dowsing the Earth Energies. Speaker: Paul Bennett; 3: The Energies of Appalachian Stones. Speaker: Richard Crutchfield; 4: Entering the Elemental Kingdoms. Speaker: Creeksong

2008 May Wellspring.pdf The Science of Energetic Vibrational Attunement, or SEVA – Geri Edwards

2008 Feb Wellspring.pdf Dowsing for health and Well-Being; Dowsing the Metaphoric Level of Things – Richard Crutchfield

2007 Sept Wellspring.pdf Dowsing the Dog (and other critters) – Kate Pitmann

2007 Nov Wellspring.pdf Investigate Balanced Real Estate Development – Lee Barnes, Bill Westel, Richard Crutchfield

2007 May wellspring.pdf EFT and Dowsing: Energy Sisters – Romella Hart-O’Keefe and Ed O’Keefe

2007 Feb Wellspring.pdf Stories from Life Expereince – Raymon Grace

2006 Sept Wellspring.pdf How the mind works, how we create our reality, and how we can change that reality! – Matt Scudiere

2006 Nov Wellspring.pdf Four mini-workshops – Lee Barnes, Mary “Mo” Wheeler, Adhi Two Owls, Beecham Parker

2006 May Wellspring.pdf Research into the Interface Between Ancient Mysteries and Modern Science – Randall Carlson

2006 Feb Wellspring.pdf Earthquakes and Earth Energies – Lee Barnes, PhD

2005 Sept Wellspring.pdf Creative Energy Therapy, Dr. Mary Wheeler

2005 Nov Wellspring.pdf Collaborating with Angels, elemental and the Earth – Marty Cain

2005 May Wellspring.pdf Dowsing for Dummies – Lee Barnes; More than Ghostbusting! – Sam Richardson; Dowsing About Your Land – Richard Crutchfield; Dowsing the Dog – Kate Pittman

2005 Feb Wellspring.pdf Calibrated Energy Therapy – Pat Dornick

2004 Sept Wellspring.pdf Rennes le Chateau and the DaVinci Code – Robyn Andrews Quail

2004 Nov Wellspring.pdf Rennes le Chateau and the DaVinci Code, part 2? – Robyn Andrews