January 24, 2022



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    The Visionaries, Balthis-Rodwell Hall, Capacity 300
    Slot K0 Opening Ceremony
    Freeman Owle,Cherokee Elder
    “Calling in the Directions for Guidance and Protection”
    Thurs Mar 19
    7:00 to 7:30
    This was our land.
    The land that the mountain needed in order to raise in majesty.
    The land my people needed in order to roam its secrets in reverence.
    This land was the land of our great waters, the beating heart of nature flowing through time that we could not remember.
    This was our land.
    The land that provided everything good for my people.
    The land was always our land and the sun set upon it, the rain washed it and the fire was kind in its fury.
    It was so for all time. Then the land was taken from us. It is your land.
    Do you know how to speak to the land, my brother?
    Do you listen to what it tells you?
    Can you keep its secrets to yourself?
    Sell the land, my brother?
    You might as well sell the sun, the moon, the stars.

    –Cavallo Thasunke Witko Pazzo

     Slot K1 Keynote
     Raymon Grace
     “Dowsing to Make the World What We Want”
     Thurs Mar 19
     7:30 to 8:45
    Raymon Grace, founder and president of the Raymon Grace Foundation, is a dowser, lecture and author of three books, The Future is Yours—Do Something About It, Techniques That Work For Me, and Seasons of April. He has created over 40 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 40 years. His books have all been printed in both English and Chinese. His work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self improvement. His newsletter reaches people in 142 countries.  He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows, including the well known “Coast to Coast AM Radio.” He has been recognized by the Virginia Senate for his work. He is a down-to-earth, plain-spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots, and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. He’s real.
    Slot P1
     Dale Allen Hoffman
     “In the Beginning was Frequency”
     Fri Mar 20
     9:00 to 10:15
    A living, breathing vision of the direct, practical application of many of Yeshua’s (Jesus’s) most misunderstood teachings from the ancient Aramaic language in which they were spoken. Dale shares stunning insights from ancient sources including Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew and Coptic manuscripts about the “miraculous” capacity of the human mind, our inherent Divinity and the awakening consciousness of humanity. Dale’s work brings forth a direct experience of the profound, transformational qualities of consciously intoned ancient and indigenous sounds, tones and languages on activating states of deep Presence and sound healing. His focus is not simply on the words or languages alone, but rather on the mystic gnosis and experiential core of how to consciously live the world’s great philosophies from the inside out. Dale burns away the veils of religion, theology and linguistics with the pure intent of revealing the direct, transformational flame at the heart of The Yeshua Teachings. Dale is not a translator as much as he is an activator – a healing voice for awakening. Video
    Slot P2
     Benjamin Bernstein and
    Kimberley Crowe
     “Heal and Awaken Invocations”
     Fri Mar 20
     10:30 to 11:45
    This experiential presentation will guide participants in how to use simple, potent invocations, directed to their own higher self, for self-healing and spiritual awakening. Participants commonly experience expanded light body awareness, conscious merging with their higher self, and the integration of the light body and physical body. Movement into a profoundly peaceful state, free of thought and troubling emotions, is also very common. Use of the Core Invocation can reactivate this awakened state as needed. Participants usually feel dramatically enhanced vitality, electric but serene, after an invocation session. They can have a stronger experience of being pure awareness using their ego and body as its 3-dimensional vehicle. The ego then operates with increased ease, flow, grace, harmony and synchronicity.
    Slot P3
     Sandee Mac
     “Stories from the Stones:Pyramids in Bosnia, Circles in Africa, Giants in the S.W. Dowsing the Ancient Past to Inform our Future”
     Fri Mar 20
     1:00 to 2:15
    What can the ancient past possibly have to do with creating our New Earth? Sandee has traveled  extensively to ancient and sacred sites throughout the globe for over 40 years and dowsed many aspects of every one of them. Some indigenous cultures refer to the “Stone People” as our oldest relations, and they all have stories to tell.Sandee will share some amazing images and invite us to visit some locations recently revealed that may be over 350,000 years old, a culture all based on sound. We will journey to the five newly identified pyramids in Bosnia, with some parts still very active that defy the laws of physics. How about some giants 20-30 feet tall, fully preserved in vertical graves of solid rock? She shares her dowsing discoveries there and creates a space for you to dowse as well. Asking all of the Big Questions in these locations has revealed some extraordinary information. Ultimately we will ask how all of this can contribute to the future. Dowsers have always played a critical role in the entire evolution of civilization, and our work isn’t finished yet, as we dowse, vision and manifest our new balanced, beloved Earth.
     Slot P4
     Joey Korn
     “Divine Wizardry: The True Nature of the Earth Energies”
     Fri Mar 20
     2:30 to 3:45
    When Joey was first given a blessing, intuitively, to change energies in 1996, he had a vision of a wizard in the forest with raised staff in hand, evoking the Powers of Nature to make benevolent changes in the world. Now, dowsing rods are his “staff,” and the blessing process is his evocation. Joey will demonstrate his unique dowsing techniques to detect three kinds of energies that are commonly detrimental or out of balance in our lives and in our homes, including Earth energies, electrical fields that radiate from electronic devices, and human-related energies. He will then use his Simple Blessing Process to change each of the energies into beneficial, healing energies. Joey will share his insights into the true nature of the Earth energies that many consider cause “geopathic stress” in our homes and offices, explaining how these energies are our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us. Change your own energies, and the energies around you simultaneously will change. You’ll experience a powerful demonstration in which Joey will guide you through his Simple Blessing Process, and true magic will happen in the room, changing the energies within and around everyone through Joey’s Divine Wizardy. It’s all One!
     Slot P05
     Brian and Pam Crissey 
     “Power of Thought, Crop Circles and our Greater Connection”
     Fri Mar 20
     4:00 to 5:15
    Brian and Pam will share their experiences and insights relating to their statistically significant proof that crop circles respond to human intention, probably via the consciousness-responsive Charge-Density-Plasma energy field. Beginning with the Milk Hill formation of 2001, they have been collecting and decoding highly powerful energies from authentic crop formations, mainly in southern England. Now numbering 125, these essences have been helping people around the world with their spiritual development, personal understanding, and health. They will also cover extraordinary developments from Bavaria from the summer of 2014, involving a powerful symbol code for world peace: Beneficence (left)
     Slot K2 Keynote
     Penny Kelly
     “Perception and The Collective Rebirth”
     Fri Mar 20
     7:00 to 8:15
    There are four ancient pathways that carry one through the doors of perception and into higher consciousness, each one completely unique and carrying its own burdens and gifts. Sometimes we choose a path, and sometimes the path chooses us, but in either case it is up to us to move forward. However, too often we think there must be a mistake, or we worry that we’re not on the right path doing the right things and have missed the door. Complicating this is the fact that we can get stuck at numerous places in the stages of unfolding and end up stalling out. Worse, we might think we’ve arrived and have all the answers and fail to go any further. Whether you are just beginning to evolve yourself – or have already started the process…whether you are interested in developing the gifts of consciousness – or are already working with them…whether you are working to contribute to a world of peace, health, abundance, and creative rebuilding – or have no idea where to begin and what you could do…join us for stories, insights, and practices that will help open the doors of perception and smooth the path to a renewed you and a collective rebirth. You will come away with a new worldview and sense of yourself!
     Slot P6
     Damaris Drewry
     “Global Vocal Link: In every major world religion, The Great Beginning is Vibration which, in turn, creates form.”
     Sat Mar 20
     9:00 to 10:15
    The human voice is one of the simplest, most powerful, and most underused tools we that we have for changing states of consciousness. It balances hemispheres of the brain, re-wires neural nets, and changes the vibratory pattern of the etheric, emotional, mental, and bioelectric bodies. Quantum coherence is the vibration that coalesces disorganized gasses into stars; at the human level it joins us together as One Human Family via the Universal Sound Current (a Sanskrit concept). Global Vocal Link is a developing project of using Solfeggio frequencies for people around the world to use to help humanity shift with the earth into 5th dimensional experience.
    Slot P7
     Gregory Hoag
     “Sacred Geometry: Pathway to a Spiritually Empowered Life”
     Sat Mar 21
     10:30 to 11:15
    I will take the audience through a geometric journey covering the energies and creative aspects of all the platonic solids, exposing many myths and misconceptions about popular forms like Metatron’s Cube and many more.
     Slot P8
     Tika Vales Caldwell
     “Multi-Dimensional Dowsing and Full Spectrum Harmonic Light”
     Sat Mar 21
     1:00 to 2:15
    The Art of Personal and Environmental Energy Balancing utilizing Multi-Dimensional Dowsing and Full Spectrum Harmonic Light to assist integrating nature, technology and consciousness for well-being. Many incredible results have been achieved with Awareness, Intention and the use of Harmonic Energy Amplifiers (“Living Prayer Packets”). including nuclear radiation being mitigated and misaligned electromagnetic energy fields becoming balanced and harmonized to support life force. An exploration outlining application of living knowledge through integrated right brain and left brain experience including 14 years of practicing advanced Biogeometry and the Art of Multi-dimensional Transformation. This applied knowledge is focused on harmonizing both internal energy fields, consciousness and external environments for optimal life force and coherence.
     Slot P9
     Jane Smolnik
     “Quantum Healing in the Nine Dimensions”
     Sat Mar 21
     2:30 to 3:45
    As we have moved beyond Holistic healing into the realm of Quantum healing, which is multi-dimensional healing, I easily explain what that means and how important it is for us to pay attention to ALL levels of our multi-layered self for true healing.  We’ll explore the Nine dimensions based on Barbara Hand Clow’s work, as well as Dave Cowan, and connect it to our health care system and how it effects our bodies on each level. Fascinating in an easy to understand format with images to understand each level.
    Slot P10
     Richard Benishai
     “Comparing the Geobiological Aspects of Major Religions”
     Sat Mar 21
     4:00 to 5:15


    Since 2000 I have been researching and studying churches, cathedrals and synagogues. Only recently during a trip to Turkey was I able to perform research on two famous mosques. In this presentation I discuss and provide the various components of these religious buildings and compare their geobiologic aspects. The results were amazing.How can people who have so much in common, be so against one another?In this presentation, the techniques, the means and methods used by ancient builders are uncovered, defined and explained. How and where did the builders/geobiologists place chimneys and vortices? What did they all do to increase the energy level in these edifices? These and more to come.
    PMH-Atwater Children-Fifth-world-atwater
     Slot K3 Keynote
     P.M.H. Atwater
     “New Kids, New World – And The Crucial Need For Dowsers As Mentors”
     Sat Mar 21
     7:00 to 8:15
    Dr. Atwater takes a broad and deep look at today’s young people and why they are so different.  Tossing aside labels like indigo, crystal, starseed, rainbow, and psychic, near-death researcher P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., connects the esoteric traditions of the Fifth Root Race (a particular genetic patterning in the evolution of the human race), and predictions of rising Fifth World energies, with what is actually occurring in the world today. She explains how the increase in intuitive, creative, and abstract thinking abilities of children, as well as incidences of ADHD, dyslexia, and autism, signal evolutionary changes at work — the emergence of the Fifth Root Race.  She connects the appearance of these traits with ancient myths and visionary seers.  The new kids act as agents for world change by reflecting back every misguided aspect of business, politics, religion, and culture. She walks you through “what’s happening” and “how to handle it” —putting dowsers front and central to teaching hands-on skills for understanding and navigating the imaginal worlds of spirit and the vibrational frequency fields of all things.Dowsers’ time-tested methods for checking rightness first, before one gets involved, puts the emphasis first on respect and dignity:  the three questions — can I, should I, may I?  Dowsers as mentors are crucial for the development and use of “practical psi,” the harnessing of all intuitive gifts as adjuncts to a healthy and happy life.  She goes on to show how the new discoveries about DNA speaking two languages is a “game changer” for all of us.  Her book, Children of the Fifth World leaves no “sacred cows” uncovered, as she seeks always to bridge heartbreak with promise in our newest generations and within the entire human family. This project was inspired by her research of child experiencers of near-death states.  She noticed that children born naturally from regular parents are now exhibiting traits similar to near-death kids, including synesthesia (multiple sensing).  Since this is clearly impossible, she considered the evolutionary factor.  When she did, not only did the traits match, but so did the historical “upgrades” that influenced all the world’s various renaissances, the inception of the New Thought Movement, and the other sweeping shifts into states of higher consciousness that we have record of.
    Slot P11
     Dr. Baerta Graff
     “Quantum Dowsing to Break Cycles of Addiction and Toxicity”
     Sun Mar 22
     9:00 to 10:15
    Dr. Graff discusses quantum theory, resonance and the morphogenetic field as an understanding of natural frequencies and applied forces to regain a state of natural health, stronger connection with others and human potential for improved lifestyle choices.
     Slot P12
     Robert Gilbert
     “Egyptian & European Vibrational Dowsing: Discoveries and Techniques”
     Sun Mar 22
     10:30 to 11:15
    An overview of vibrational dowsing discoveries and methods from French researchers and from the Egyptian system of BioGeometry.  Includes teachings from the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science; a discussion of the 12 invisible vibrations which affect all life on Earth; the vibrational method to test and transmute Earth Energy Lines and Electro-Magnetic Fields; testing and applying the “Gold” energy field which transforms human beings to a higher spiritual state; and more.
     Slot M26The Chapel of the Transfiguration
     Charlotte McGinnis
     “Transcending Religion: The Common Thread That Leads Us to Oneness”
     Sun Mar 22
     10:30 to 11:15
    We are here at the Dowsers Conference because we are choosing to expand our consciousness and live from a higher perspective. How has religion served us and how has it kept us asleep?It is time to explore how we can make choices that support the Awakening from the Dream!
    Slot P13
     Frankie Hutton
     “Reversing Programming toward Cosmic Consciousness”
     Sun Mar 22
     1:00 to 2:15
    Frankie Hutton is a Theosophist and founder of the Rose Project (). She is an award-winning author and researcher, a former collegiate professor and journalist. Her latest book, Rose Lore: Essays in Cultural History and Semiotics will soon be published in Mandarin. Dr. Hutton regularly lectures to Theosophy groups in Baltimore, Deerfield Beach, FL, and NJ and has served on several boards and commissions, civic and humanitarian. In this presentation, she surveys ways to use Earth and etheric energy and rose oil to increase the frequency and energy field of the human body.
    Slot K4 Closing Ceremony
     Freeman Owle
     “A Blessing On Us From the Great Spirit for Past and Future Guidance”
     Sun Mar 22
     2:30 to 3:00


    Cherokee Prayer Blessing

    May the Warm Winds of Heaven
    Blow softly upon your house.
    May the Great Spirit
    Bless all who enter there.
    May your Mocassins
    Make happy tracks
    in many snows,
    and may the Rainbow
    Always touch your shoulder.

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