January 24, 2022

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

  • water-dowsingThere was a time when “dowsing” meant forked sticks and drilling for water. That time has passed.

    When Werner Heisenberg proved in 1927 that the observer affects his observed reality, science balked, but dowsers just nodded and continued to work with el-rods and pendulums, listening to that inner knowing, and healing at a distance.

    Today, dowsing is becoming recognized as a two-way multi-dimensional communication highway that connects the visible “real” world with an unseen world that is no less real and in many ways even more real than the illusion that most of us think of as reality.

    The Dowser peers through the veil, perceiving a reality unlike what his neighbors see...

    The Dowser peers through the veil, perceiving a reality unlike what many others see…

    Today healers assess and correct health issues by dowsing decision points in flowcharts. They detect and remove deleterious influences from underground water flows. They separate nourishing foods from harmful ones. They locate, open up and re-connect ancient energy pathways in the Earth’s energy-circulation system. They remove negative energies and attachments from people, both in person and at a distance. They use reliable technologies and measuring tools to provide visible evidence of unseen truth, revealing underground flows and hidden or lost items. Through it all it is now clear that everything is vibration, so sounds and music will play a significant role as well.

    Enlightenment is said to be the awareness of, and the ability to work with, all manner of subtle-energy flows in one’s environment. As the major avenue by which one learns to work with these energy flows, dowsing is a significant path towards enlightenment. Whether one calls it kinesiology, radionics, remote viewing, manifestation, distance healing, energy work, just plain dowsing, or any number of other terms, the fact remains that we have entered a new world in which unseen forces, once thought to be fanciful and imaginary, are now becoming indispensible building materials for a new world.

    To celebrate this passage into what the Hopis call the Fifth World, and what Michael Tellinger and the African Xhosa call Ubuntu, energy workers, healers, and thoughtful people of all kinds are converging on Hendersonville, NC, March 19-22, 2015, for a convention unlike any that has gone before. Mark your calendars now.Ubuntu-story

    The task before this gathering is simple, but immense: dowse out a roadmap to take us from the collapsing Fourth World of disunity, hate and environmental degradation, into the Fifth World of oneness, love, and sustainability—simple to express, but requiring new solutions.

    As Rudolph Steiner once said, “That which secures life from exhaustion lies in the unseen world, deep at the roots of things.” We need your help as a concerned citizen of the Earth to find and experience these unseen but very real roots that will sustain the future.

    Heart-centered people of significant stature from many disciplines will gather, speak, and discuss these issues. Healers will apply their skills. Trainers will share their techniques. Participants will rejoice, sing and dance.

    In the opening and closing ceremonies, Freeman Owle, legendary Cherokee elder, will celebrate the common ground among all approaches to the Great Spirit. He will bring in the wisdom of the ancestors to bless our ambitious undertaking, guiding us all to work effectively together as One People and One Family, to find a good path forward into what the ancient Hopis called the Fifth World, a world of mutual respect, love, balance, and spiritual strength.Freeman-Owle

    Opening keynote speaker Penny Kelly will share her remarkable research and help us map out a workable path into a conscious world. She will report on the proven discovery of a new form of energy in plants, animals, people, soil, and water that responds directly to consciousness and can be reliably tracked in the laboratory. Her work with the late biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood led to a whole host of discoveries involving humans, plants, animals, Mother Earth, subtle energies, and the ability to track the effects of consciousness, both individually and globally, all of which open up new paths of exciting possibilities for manifesting a new, peaceful, loving and sustainable world.Penny-Kelly


    Closing keynote speaker P.M.H. Atwater

    PMH-Atwaterwill share with us her guidance on how to collectively manifest this new-born Fifth World. She will advise us all on the unique needs and contributions we expect from the special children who are coming to join us now. She will talk to us as the parents of the children of the Fifth World:

    Children-Fifth-world-atwaterand she will guide us forward with a Grand Plan of Oneness that may be our only hope for long-term survival of our kind on this planet. Her plan reconnects each of our souls with Oneness:

    • One God: explore the common ground among all spiritual paths.
    • One People: celebrate what we have in common with each other.
    • One Family: we are all siblings; when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.
    • One Existence: we are One with all life on this planet and elsewhere.
    • One Law: love one another and respect all life.
    • One Commandment: serve others before yourself and you will be served well. One Solution: forgive all real and imagined

    Time to Be one is Now





    It can be disturbing to wake up one day realizing that our planet is dying and that we are all responsible. Most of what we thought we knew is obsolete, and now we have to do everything differently if we want our grandchildren to be able to live on a healthy, green Earth. Such thoughts are exactly what our Master of Ceremonies, the Dr. Seuss of Spirit, comedian/ speaker/ singer/ songwriter Scott Grace, feasts on! He will spontaneously compose and sing for us!


    His lighthearted, humorous and entertaining approach to serious topics calms anger, turns depression into ecstasy, and transmutes despair into confident hopefulness. His spontaneously created songs will create a necessary levity to the topics presented at this conference. You will not know whether to laugh or cry.

    Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused.
    Come and be amused, entertained, educated and enlightened.

    We all have special work to do, and this event will be the most fun you have had in a long while.

    Redefining Terms

    Common words often get loaded with inappropriate and antiquated baggage that we must off-load, if we are to communicate clearly on important tasks, like manifesting a better world. Here are some new definitions of terms you might want to review, so you clearly understand us.

    water-dowsingOnce upon a time the word “dowse” meant to hold a forked stick until it dipped and to then drill for water right there. That is still dowsing, but times have changed. Dowsing is no longer limited to forked sticks or water-well placement. Nor is it limited to the receipt of information that is invisible to those who cannot, or refuse to, register the presence of subtle energies.
    Today dowsing is becoming recognized as two-way multidimensional communication. It not only takes in otherwise invisible information, but it also directs and focuses our intentions so as to affect and form physical reality.

    Dowsing to receive information includes kinesiology, body dowsing, muscle testing, remote viewing, intuition and other modalities. Dowsing to affect physical reality includes Reiki, remote energy work, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, visualization, vibrational toning and weather work, to mention just a few. Dowsers use L-rods, bobbers, fingers, muscles, bodies, pendulums, aura meters, and inner knowing. Some dowsing tools are no more than crudely bent coat hangers or metal nuts on strings, while others might be made of fine metals, encrusted with jewels, crystals and inscriptions, running smoothly on ball bearings. While many tools can be used for dowsing, some are better than others. Both a skate board and a Ferrarri can take you to the same places, but a person who values accuracy and speed will find one much preferable to the other.

    Levengood.2inDowsing is no longer just make-believe fantasy, either. Since the late William C. Levengood discovered the “CDP” (Charged Density Plasma) energy field and proved that it responds to consciousness, we have every reason to suspect that dowsing is actually the science of observing, measuring, and consciously directing this CDP energy field. It is only a matter of time before conventional scientists announce that they have “discovered” this “new” form of energy, at which point they will remain clueless that we dowsers have been routinely reading and manipulating this energy form since before the Great Pyramid. Such is life.

    Emoto.2inCDP energy is likely to be what  Masaru Emoto discovered manifesting in water, an energy that creates beautiful ice crystals from the consciousness around the word “love,” and ugly constructions from the consciousness around the word “hate.” It is likely to be the mechanism by which mysterious artists from unearthly realms draw exquisitely beautiful clues in the world’s crops each summer, and it is likely to be the key ingredient in the cosmic-energy essences that Brian and Pam Crissey PM & BC.2inand others have been extracting from authentic crop circles for 13 years. Its intensity is probably what dowsers measure on the Bovis scale. This multidimensional plasmic energy is likely to be stuff of the legendary “ether” field  and the substance in Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic field. It is probably  the means by which remote healing and manifestation work. It is probably what flows in that great energy river in the sky known as the Cosmic Serpent Line, as well as in its connecting tributaries we call ley lines, Hartmann lines and Curry lines.

    In short, multidimensional CDP energy is probably the mechanism by which we collectively and continuously manifest this tattered and disturbing world we inhabit. When we collectively expect unending war in the Mideast, we get unending war in the Mideast. When we allow ourselves to be influenced by fear-based media, our fears manifest in perceived reality. When we expect the worst, we get the worst.

    But, by the same token, when we collectively and sincerely intend peace, love, truth, beauty, forgiveness and sustainability, that is what we get. As opening keynote speaker Raymon Grace says, “The Future is Yours. Do Something About It!’ which is what this conference is all about. We can make a better world using the tools and understandings we are sharing at this conference. We have to do it, and it is an honor to do it for this magnificent planet. What other choice do we have, as conscious beings?Raymon.2in.1



    In ancient times our ancestors called in the four directions, as Cherokee elder Freeman Owle is doing for us here. As this conference program manifested from our collective intentions,  four new directions have emerged to complement the ancient ways. Each has a different coherence to it, depending upon the world view of those presenting. Let us define those terms.

    We have four tracks of simultaneous presentations. Each has a different coherence to it, depending upon the world view of those presenting.

    Visionary.2inVisionaries are those who see a bigger picture, those who can see far down the road, through the woods, and over the next hill. They are not limited by fears of ridicule by myopic others. Visionaries know that their self-worth does not depend upon the opinions of other people. Visionaries outline the dimensions and directions of the possible paths forward that lead toward the better world which we all seek to pass on to our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Visionaries build the balloons that our creative energies cooperatively inflate into our new perceived reality.

    scientist.2inScientists are people who prize what they can measure using the proven tools they find in science labs. They value reproducible results and statistical significance. They follow the scientific method, and in time, the indisputable truth of measurable multidimensional CDP energy will draw the more courageous scientists into the ancient realm of dowsing, which they will no doubt call by some other term. At this conference, the scientists are the dowsers who document and prove their results in ways that the rest of us can reproduce.

    Intuitive.2inIntuitives do not wait for scientific results from labs. They just know, inwardly. They derive from their experiences personal meanings and understandings that are unpublishable in science journals. When Intuitives share such experiences with you at this conference, you will resonate with some of what they say, which allows you to know inwardly the truth of what was said. Intuitives do not even try to prove anything to anyone. Rather, they honestly and courageously share their experiences with anyone who is open to hear them. They have little ego quotient in the degree to which scientists and skeptics value their “anecdotal data.”

    Pioneer.2inPioneers do not care how others categorize them.

    It is not important to them.

    What is important is to discover what works, learn how to do it, and then do it and teach others to do it as well.

    Each one teach one.

    Pioneers are pragmatic.

    They do what works, and they don’t look back for approval.


    In different degrees, each of us is a visionary, a scientist, an intuitive, and a pioneer. How sweet.

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