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Lorraine Eldridge
Biophotonic Imaging of the Human Energy Field
Fri Mar 20
9:00 a.m.

A review of Gas Discharge Visualization imaging of the human biofield demonstrating how the energy field, chakras and organs respond to substances; i.e., products, essential oils, energized products, and therapies, i.e., light therapy, energy medicine and thought.

Gisela Kroeger Hoffman
“Using the Principles of Dowsing in Modern Medicine”
Fri Mar 20
10:30 a.m.

Dowsing is an ancient technique that uses attunement to higher consciousness (or scalar energy) to get possible answers for a specific question. The accuracy of the dowsing is often dependent upon the list of answers as well as the specificity of the question. Dowsers must keep expanding their knowledge to increase the lists of possibilities or answers. Often this becomes an overwhelming task as more and more lists become possibilities. Modern technology is beginning to use this scalar energy (now identified by quantum physics) to automate the dowsing process by matching huge lists of possible answers within a few minutes. AccessHanna™ is an automated dowsing software that uses this technology for determining possible underlying causes of health issues. Its potential use by medical professionals is now being studied under a grant to build five integrated medical campuses within the next three years. This and other technologies to be tested under this grant could lower the costs of medicine by at least 50%.dougbennett

Doug Bennett
“Science, God, Feelings and the Body”
Fri Mar 20
1:00 p.m.

Dowsing works, of course, and it really is talking to God, but God doesn’t talk in English, or even in movement of dowsing instruments. The dowser has to provide all the interpretation. We will look at how God and dowsing work. In the process we will see the role that feelings and the body play in our learned perception of reality. It turns out that “knowing” is a really tenuous process. It involves all sorts of things that good, rational Cartesians would rather not deal with. We will explore the subtleties of our perception process and the how it influences the information new get from dowsing.DamarisDrewry

Damaris Drewry
Sleep Apnea Solution: Resolving Sleep Apnea and its Traumatic Roots with Dr. Damaris Drewry”
Fri Mar 20
2:30 p.m.

If you have sleep apnea or love someone who does – no matter what the diagnosis or the intensity of the problem – don’t miss this.  Learn how to use Emotional Freedom Technique, NeuroLinguistic Programming and dowsing to clear your own traumatic events. You could leave with restored ability to breathe all night long. You can get a full private session post-conference if you schedule in advance by calling  (828) 595-9658.   Also present at the conference is  Steve Klunk, former President of Tucson Chapter ASD and the first person to get rid of life-long sleep apnea with Dr. Drewry in 2008.Joey-Korn

Joey Korn
“Kabbalah, Quantum physics, and Dowsing”
Fri Mar 20
4:00 p.m.

When Joey was first given a blessing, intuitively, to change energies in 1996, he had a vision of a wizard in the forest with raised staff in hand, evoking the Powers of Nature to make benevolent changes in the world. Now, dowsing rods are his “staff,” and the blessing process is his evocation. Joey will demonstrate his unique dowsing techniques to detect three kinds of energies that are commonly detrimental or out of balance in our lives and in our homes, including Earth energies, electrical fields that radiate from electronic devices, and human-related energies. He will then use his Simple Blessing Process to change each of the energies into beneficial, healing energies. Joey will share his insights into the true nature of the Earth energies that many consider cause “geopathic stress” in our homes and offices, explaining how these energies are our energetic mirrors, constantly reflecting us back to us. Change your own energies, and the energies around you simultaneously will change. You’ll experience a powerful demonstration in which Joey will guide you through his Simple Blessing Process, and true magic will happen in the room, changing the energies within and around everyone through Joey’s Divine Wizardy. It’s all One!john-thompson

John Thompson
“Staying Young and Healthy by Harnessing the Amazing Power of Quantum Energy”
Sat Mar 21
9:00 a.m.

I will provide many simple ways for people to use their personal quantum energy to stay young and healthy, including Mother Earth Orgone, quantum reflexology, quantum Touch for Health, the Fountain of Youth, Breath of Fire, and Kombucha Mushroom Tea (known as the elixir of immortality). Each person in the audience can learn how to use reflexology to sent immediate healing energy to any part of their own body. Having used a pendulum on a daily basis for the past 40 years, I encourage everyone to use these powerful devices more and more.The history of Orgone Energy beginning with the collaboration of Drs. Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich, is not only fascinating, but could become a crucial aspect in dealing with the creation of clean energy. As technology speeds ahead, the need to protect ourselves from all forms of Negative EMFs or “dirty energy” becomes increasingly important.

I will also cover the value of using pendulums for guidance/making decisions on daily/hourly basis, and a powerful yogic-breathing practice, Pranayama/Breath of Fire, for those who choose to participate.


August Worley
“Radiaesthesia as a Tool of Invention”
Sat Mar 21
10:30 a.m.

Inventor August Worley will share the remarkable story of his use of radiaesthesia, clairvoyance, and intuition as engineering design tools to bring his invention, “PYRADYM” into physical form. Pyradym is a patented electronic user-controllable Bioresonance Healing instrument which uses a combination of sound, light, crystals, sacred geometry, and Physioacoustic stimulation to induce the human body’s innate self-healing mechanisms, as well as naturally create altered states of awareness.Darrell-Brann

Darrell Brann
“Dimensional Harmonics and the Dimensional Chakras’
Sat Mar 21
1:00 p.m.

After Darrell’s first Near-Death Experience (NDE), he figured out the harmonic structure of the etheric body and developed Harmonics Of Healing, a new to this dimension healing modality. After 4 more NDE’s, he figured out how to access various dimensions using harmonics and the structure that creates consencious reality in the different dimensions. Illness and dis-ease are vibrational and dimensional specific: that means you need a specific frequency in a specific dimension to affect a condition we refer to as dis-ease. Harmonics are both: frequency and dimensional specific. In this talk, Darrell will explore various dimensions and explain how they are created with harmonics and how to reverse the dis-ease and aging condition. 

Danielle Creeksong
“Deepening Your Relationship with Nature Beings using Sounds and Dowsing”
Sat Mar 21
2:30 p.m.

Learn how to use Ancient Taoist Sounds and your dowsing tools to begin/strengthen your relationship with the Beings of the five Elements and all the members of the Faery, Deva and Nature Kingdoms. After some story-telling and energy-sensing exercises, participants will be trained in the use of ancient sounds to gather the attention of all those in the Invisible Realms that might be on purpose in joining our session. Dowsing tools will then be used by each individual to discern who has come to speak to them, and why–with Creeksong assisting in the translations as needed. Remember to bring your dowsing tool or purchase one at the conference.Lindy-Tucker

Lindy Tucker
“Sounds Associated with UFO Encounters”
Sat Mar 21
4:00 p.m.

An in-depth look of the cases of unusual beeping sounds that were reported and recorded in North America from the early 60’s to the early 90’s during major UFO sightings sand encounters. These were thoroughly investigated by the Department of Civil Defense, and the US Air Forces’ Condon Report released in 1968. I have the recorded sounds and analysis, articles, eyewitness accounts, maps, newspaper clippings, etc…and a summary of the unusual phenomena and it’s effect upon participants and the close proximity of crop circles that appeared nearby.
This is the largest collection of sounds associated with UFO Encounters.pendulum_dowsing

Julia Williams
“Advanced Esoteric Spiritual Dowsing”
Sun Mar 22
9:00 a.m.

As the Earth moves towards the etheric plane, humanity does as well. We may find ourselves automatically becoming clairvoyant, yet still seek a rudder to steer the ship.ADVANCED ESOTERIC DOWSING is a safe method to identify, measure, train and refine our various auric bodies which have the ability to consciously operate and do healing in more than one or two dimensions simultaneously, if the “Tonal” or lower personality has knowledgeable skills in order to direct the dreaming bodies.This lecture will give charts, demonstrations and offer class participation on methods of dowsing that will bridge the Akasha, sub-conscious and super-conscious minds with our waking conscious minds. It is possible to develop these skills in a single lifetime by using Hermetic Principles in a manner that is appropriate for the Aquarian Age’s need for precision and knowledge. Gnostic awareness is a natural outcome.These spiritual dowsing techniques and charts are taken from ADVANCED ESOTERIC DOWSING BOOKS, I, II, III by “Anonymous” (1993-Amber Press)SOPHIA JOHANSON LIBRARY AND PRESS is dedicated to offering to the public, all books, lectures, audio tapes and art work of “Anonymous” who between 1990 and 2002, was teaching both publicly and privately.Future lectures will include dowsing with the 31 dimensions on a Planetary level and dowsing techniques using “Light Broadcast Radionics” for rapid removal of auric disharmony.Background information for all of these techniques, with explanations on why they work, can be found within the 46 book series by “Anonymous” currently available at this Library and on sale at a vendor table.All requests may be sent to:
Sophia Johanson Library and Press
PO Box 972, Columbia, Missouri, 65205
Phone (no internet access) 573-875-8024
Reference/Lecturer: Julia WilliamsBaerta-Graff

Baerta Graff
“Quantum Dowsing to Break Cycles of Addiction and Toxicity”
Sun Mar 22
10:30 a.m.
Dr. Graff discusses the enteric nervous system, which when activated can awaken latent abilities to break cycles of addiction and release toxins for clear vision and energy flow. 


Marty Cain
“Dowsing: The Key to All Possibilities”
Sun Mar 22
1:00 p.m.

I will demonstrate how dowsing opens one’s life to delight, joy, well being, and discovery. We will share how it works, why it is important and ways of using dowsing. Over 50 years of dowsing I have many stories to give as examples of spiritual and practical dowsing and interesting slides to share with the viewer. There will be time to answer questions and share experiences.Because the topic is general I can emphasize the area that is needing to be covered within the conference and by requests from the attendees.

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