January 24, 2022

Ancient Tools: Modern Applications

Ancient Tools and Modern Applications

  • The Appalachian Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) is an educational organization devoted to all aspects of dowsing, which is bi-directional multidimensional communication using subtle energies that conventional science has inexplicably chosen not to study. Dowsing not only can provide visible evidence of unseen truth, but it can also send healing and harmonizing subtle energies to distant people, which usually enhances their well-being and health. The Spring Conference of the Southern Dowsers March 19-22 at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville is the first major dowsing conference the southeast has seen in many years. 65 speakers, 84 vendors, 15 healing arts practitioners, and hundreds of attendees are coming from all over the world. The conference features four tracks of information including Visionaries, Scientists, Intuitives, and Pioneers, a multi-level Dowsing School, a vending arena of 90 tables, and an abundance of musical entertainment.


    Lee Barnes, ASD 2012 Dowsing Educator of the Year


    Dowsing is a very practical tool that we use to help ourselves and our community. We use it to help decide what we need for our health, what food is safe for us, or which choice might serve our highest interests in important decisions. Dowsing can release trapped emotions that otherwise block us from having happy and contented lives. Dowsing can help find misplaced keys or locate a lost pet or relieve its suffering. Dowsing can clear a home of unwanted harmful energies, allowing its occupants to sleep better. All these skills are easily learned, but one must practice to raise one’s confidence.

    Members of the Appalachian chapter are also involved in the “Water for Humanity Fund,” which was established by the ASD to raise funds for water resources development, purification, protection and conservation worldwide in areas of critical need. Its goals are to increase the quality, quantity and accessibility of global water resources and to demonstrate the practical and humanitarian applications of dowsing to find clean and potable water. The Fund will be one of the 84 vending tables at the Spring Conference.

    Of all the various applications of dowsing, finding reliable water sources remains the one most widely used, especially in this era of climate change in which many areas are becoming chronically short of water. In our region, chapter members respond to the needs of people who need to dig new water wells, or improve the flow in old wells.

    Our many practitioner members have their own businesses helping local folks to improve their lives through dowsing and its many applications.


    Richard S. Cram of Energy Dowsing
    Chairman/Host of the 2015 Spring Conference
    Chapter President Feb. 2013-2015

    This chapter was chartered September 17, 1980, by Vern Peterson and others who sought to extend locally what ASD was doing nationally for dowsers. Its purpose is to gather together dowsers from all levels of expertise into a local organization and build their skills. It is the largest ASD chapter, with some 200 members.

    Four times a year we feature outstanding speakers who come and speak at the Unity Center of Mills River, where our next quarterly meeting begins at 11:00 a.m. on March 7. At each meeting two dowsing classes are offered, one for beginners, and the other, often about spiritual dowsing, for more experienced dowsers.

    Guests pay $10 to attend, but members attend for free. Chapter membership is only $15 for students, $25 for individuals, and $40 for families.

    Paid-up Members in attendance at the March 7th meeting will be allowed to register at the meeting for the Spring Conference at a 15% discount.    


    Robert Gilbert of Asheville’s Vesica Institute


    The March 7 quarterly meeting features Robert Gilbert of the Vesica Institute of Asheville, who will speak at 1:00 on new discoveries and ancient techniques of Egyptian and European Vibrational Dowsing and the Egyptian system of BioGeometry. He will discuss the 12 invisible vibrations that affect all life on Earth, and he will teach a vibrational method that tests and neutralizes Earth-energy lines and electromagnetic frequencies. He will also test and apply the “Gold” energy field that transforms humans to higher spiritual states.

    Gilbert also speaks at the Spring Conference on Sunday March 22 at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Other notable speakers at the conference include Raymon Grace, Penny Kelly, P.M.H. Atwater, and Scott Grace. A sampling of some topics include Animal Communication and the Deeper Meaning, Perception and The Collective Rebirth, Comparing the Geobiological Aspects of Major Religions, Communication and Healing with the Pure Light Elementals, Biophotonic Imaging of the Human Energy Field, Sounds Associated with UFO Encounters, Understanding Our Number One Killer: Blood Sugar, and A Better World Through Global Shamanism. The theme of this remarkable conference is to collectively begin the process of manifesting a better world, using the dowsing tools and techniques that will be shared here.

    The Spring Conference of the Southern Dowsers starts on March 19 at 6:00 pm and ends Sunday afternoon at 3:30. It will be at the Kanuga Conference Center, 130 Kanuga Chapel Drive, which is located 8 miles southwest of Hendersonville. Please check out our website for more information and to register.

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