January 24, 2022

Summer 2018 Social Picnic at Peterson Cloud 9 Farm! August 11

Dear Friends of Appalachian Dowsing: Please join us for our August Dowser‘s Social Potluck at Janet Peterson’s glorious blueberry farm home once again in Fairview, NC.  As usual there will be fun dowsing games and good conversations and much to share with each other, our special interest group doings  and plans for new projects as we all build out our dowsing/healing/earth balancing techniques and caring.
This year will be held the SECOND WEEKEND of August 
(instead of our usual third to accommodate Janet’s busy Summer vacationers etc) .  11:00 AM ~ 4 PM
See you THIS Saturday. Check your previous announcement emails for directions; my apologies as I move our email database from one provider to MailChimp it’s been a bear so give a call if you need help – we’ll love to see you.  Nancy, Secretary 828.298.2592

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